Friday, June 22, 2012

Clair's Fashion Friday

Here is just a few dresses and necklaces that Clair and I both found pretty.  Under the pictures is clair's commentary.                                          

The belt makes very nice shiny touch. The white parts make the dress look really elegent because it is not just a black dress.

This one is really pretty because it is nice and simple and because it goes down to the would be great to wear to the beach!

This one I think is really pretty because at the end of the skirt it kinda tucks in. The waist of the dress is pretty because it kinda goes with the purple.Perfect to wear to a party.

This one the golden ,blue,and the green go perfect together.  The pearl looking things in the middle make a very good touch to this necklace.It would be great to wear with a pink dress.
This necklace is glimmers in the sun light. The earring's shape is slightly different the front do not have the diamond shape like the necklace does.
By by from Alli and Clair.

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