Friday, May 10, 2013

(Smiley Face) Well, its Nice to "See" you again.

Hello blogging world I am back! At least for I.I cant promise anything about tomorrow. I know I told ya'll that I would post something when school was over and ...well... I didn't deliver on that promise. I will try harder but as we all know I have a very unstable calender, it likes to flutter in the wind.(flutter? Really? I could have used a better word than that!) I am now going to tell you about my week if you would like to or not. Well, first of all my first job. And that job was...(drum roll)...... working at the Wild Things Farm! And I worked there with one of best friends Alanna! I will list the things we did on the farm.

  1. We got to hold and pet baby goats.(my favorite part.)
  2. We got to pet and introduce Mo. Mo is a pig by the way.
  3. We got to handle\ entertain\almost kill 500 kids who's ages were pre-k through 2-grade
  4. We got to look at a peacock and see him open up his tail wings.
  5. We helped 500 kids milk a fake cow.
  6. We passed out the most delicious strawberry ice cream to kids and parents 
  7. We got paid. 
And that's it!


  1. Are you still working? I'll bring the girls one day if you are.

  2. Hey, it sounds like you had a great time!

  3. It is time for another blog post!

  4. I miss your blogging too.