Friday, May 25, 2012

Agggg !!!

As said in the titleAggg! And why am saying aggg is that I have not written a post in a week !  I am very sorry for the non posting through this week I will try to post as much as possible. I would tell you about the beginning   of the week but right now it is just a haze. Well most days in the week Garrett comes over to our house and we play. We usually call Garrett our adopted  brother since he comes to our house so much.  And then yesterday I think the Sacran  girls came over and we had a funny time playing and other things. And later that night I went to my softball game and we won 15-2. I have decided to make every day as exciting as possible . Well I'd like to make this post long so I've decided to make a list of  things I'd like to do this summer ( most of the things I'll put on the list I more than likely won't even do.)

  1. Go ice skating (plausible.)
  2. Cover the hallway with butter then slide through it. ( plausible but my Mom will probably say no to that.)
  3. swim in a swimming pool of syrup.( plausible/not ever.)
  4.  get a shetland pony .( please please please be plausible.)
  5. Swim with dolphins.( probably not plausible.)
  6. Win a prize were for thirty minutes you go into walmart and get to keep every thing you fit into your cart.
  7. have a pet giraffe and elephant. ( not plausible)
Have a nice day! PTYL!


  1. Good luck with those goals. I want to know if the butter one ever happens.

  2. If you promise to mop after you are finished, I will let you slide on butter at my house sometime. (Crisco might be cheaper) I'll get it on film and then play it at your wedding!

  3. I take it that you really like Shetland ponies?

  4. hey, get a slip and slide and put butter or criso on it and slide away. it just might work and there would not be any mess in your mom's house