Monday, May 14, 2012

MY Baggilon Dollar book.

I had a wonderful week last week staying at everybody's house's  while Mom and Daddy were off doing stuff in New York . They said that they watched Phantom of the Opera and was right under the swinging chandler !Finally I convinced Mama to make a spelling bee for the end of the year how we do the spelling bee is that we get a piece of candy every time we spell a word correctly and get a piece of candy taken away when we misspell a word.
When I finish writing my baggilon dollar book I have decided that I will buy my friends and family something nice. Mamaw and Papaw have already decided on an island and Will get my birds a gigantic place for them to fly. Audery will Probably want a fashion store and probably a pet poodle. Michael will probably want a basketball gym. and Jacob might want a helicopter with a personal chauffeur. I'll buy me and Mama all the books we want and I'll get Daddy a sports car . All of you who are my friends and family please comment on  this post to tell me want you want when I make my baggilon dollar book. Me and Michael decided that our band name was going to be The Inspiration I already made a song for it unfortunately the boys have the attention spand of a gerbil .PTYL!


  1. I'll have to give this some serious thought.

  2. Pappy wants a big hug. I would like to sit on a beach somewhere with my toes in the cool clear water and watch you swim and ride the waves.

  3. I'de like a sports car to allison.. :)