Friday, April 13, 2012

Random sentences!

somtimes I wonder why people make scary movies.(well mostly it is more than some of the time.) And I also wonder why I watch them some of the time because I know that I get nightmares more than anyone I know but I still watch them. i know I shouldn't but I do.
Sorry that I haven't written the other have of theof my other post that I can't spell right now but I have been busy.
Where are my periods? I would hate to try to clarify it.(is it clarify…i don' know?)
Lately with this weekend with Dad has taught me and him very valuble lessons. And the lessons are that teaching school is no walk in the park.(thats what Daddy learned.) And that washing dishes every day gets very boring.(that one is both of ours.)
Wow this is a long post but keep your eyes out for more Randome Sentences.


  1. If movies scare you, then I wouldn't watch them.

  2. I'm trying not too but its hard when everybody else gets to watch certain shows that I can't watch.