Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunny and Dee!


Sunny is out bright,charming,sometimes grouchy little sun conure. One time he came up to  mama and gave her a kiss on the lips. He is very charming to our attention demanding Dee who constantly ask's him to preen her head and pecks at him when he wont do what she want's him to do. Even though Dee pecks at Sunny constantly he still gripes at us when we take Dee away from her cage or his.When we first got Sunny(he was a little baby then) we brought him home without his wings clipped. When we were trying to get Sunny out of the box he flew every were. He ran into walls and door ways then finally we caught him and put him back into the cage. After a few days of calming down in his cage we finally got him out of his cage. Sunny would hide in your armpits or any were else that was dark thinking "if i can't see them they cant see me".Then finally he is what you see now. Sometimes when his food gets low he chirps on and on and on until mama or me gets him more food. We finally noticed that Sunny was trying to get in his water dish so we put in a bowl of water in his cage and Sunny just started swimming in it.


Dee who we once thought was a boy and named Dairius is a quiet but demanding little cockatiel. when we first got Dee she wouldn't let anyone near her and bit when a hand went into a cage. But now she just gripes at you and cry's to Sunny to come and protect her from us ruthless humans. Dee and maybe Sunny is terrified of a shiny purple ball that Clair gave me. I wonder what animal in  Austrailia looks like a purple disco ball? I wonder what original country Sunny came from? I'll try to find out.
Well this is the end of another blog so good night and sleep tight unless this is in the daytime then have a good day.


  1. Cute birds. I imagine they are lots of fun.

  2. Yes they are! But for some reason they aren't very happy today.

  3. When you find out what country Sunny comes from, be sure to let us know! I can't imagine what Australian animal looks like a purple ball. Please share if you figure it out.