Monday, April 2, 2012

1st part of My guide to acronymns and what they mean.

LOL-Laugh Out Loud(hahahaha..... what! I just did what it wanted me to do.)
BRH-Be Right Back
GTG-Got To Go
TTYL-Talk To You Later
JK-Just Kidding
JW-Just Wondering
ASAP-As Soon As Possible(every body knows this one.)
ROFL-Rolling On The Floor Laughing(hopefully not literaly)
FOSHO-For Sure(strange one)
BAC-Back(just one letter off)
THNX-Thanks(where did that x come from)
BTW-By The Way
CUZ-Because(or cousin )
B4- before
NM-Not Much(ha the opposite of this list)
JC-Just Chilling
NVM-never mind